Friend vs. Frenemy
You may not always agree with your best friend 100 percent of the time — in fact, maybe it's her difference of opinion that you like about her most. But when does being real turn into being mean? Find out if your BFF is just being honest or if she's honestly a mean girl. Bruni Padilla
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friend or frenemy, girls working out, at the gym girl at the gym A Friend
\r\nGoes to the gym with you to keep you inspired.
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nGoes to the gym with you and points out all the areas you need to work on.

friend or frenemy, two girls two sisters A Friend
\r\nEncourages you to try new things and meet new people.
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nDiscourages you from trying new things or meeting new people, making you feel like you’re only going to embarrass yourself.

friend or frenemy, girls whispering girls whispering A Friend
\r\nRespects your privacy and won’t reveal secrets.
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nTells everyone your secrets, lies about telling people, and then finally comes clean and says that the people she told promised they wouldn’t tell anyone else.

friend or frenemy, girl with cake, birthday girl girl with cake A Friend
\r\nBuys you a birthday cake.
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nTells you she would have gotten you a birthday cake, but she didn’t want you to gain another 20 pounds this year.

friend or frenemy, girl at computer, student girl at computer A Friend
\r\nCongratulates you on your latest \'A\' paper.
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nAsks you who you cheated off of to get that \'A\' paper.

friend or frenemy, prom portrait, prom couple prom portrait A Friend
\r\nAssures you you’ll find the right guy who can appreciate you for all you’re worth.
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nTells you not to worry about finding a good guy: Some people were just born to be alone.

friend or frenemy, girl at salon, hair cut girl getting hair cut A Friend
\r\nSays your new hair color/cut really brings out your eyes!\r\n
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nSays your new hair color/cut remind her of a certain celeb’s beauty faux-pas last year.

friend or frenemy, girls studying, students girls studying A Friend
\r\nHelps you study for that killer exam.
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nTells you not to waste your time studying for that exam. If you need to you could always become a professional babysitter.

friend or frenemy, girls shopping girls trying on clothes A Friend
\r\nTells you how great that new top looks on you.\r\n
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nTells you how lucky you are to have found that shirt in your size.

friend or frenemy, consoling a friend girl consoling A Friend
\r\nComforts you when you’re down and lets you know everything will be okay.\r\n
\r\nA Frenemy
\r\nSteers clear of you when you’re down – she doesn’t want that negative energy around her.
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