your private body & sex questions — answered!
Worried about a hairy derriere? Hate your pointy breasts? Your body dramas are normal, CG! The secret to loving all of your quirks is to understand why your body does the things it does. Read on for eye-opening info.
By Nancy Redd
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There's one thing we all have in common with each other — tons of body drama. Yup, that includes embarrassing body hair, bad breath, back pimples, yeast infections, sexual health concerns, and more. I know from personal experience. Because even when I was a size 0 Miss America swimsuit winner (I was Miss Virginia in 2003), I always felt like a weird and stinky girl. I thought my body was totally gross when I'd find goo in my underwear or get ingrown hairs from shaving. As I got older, I was relieved to find out that I wasn't the only one dealing with so much body drama. You probably have the same body and sex questions that I did — and that all girls do. So from now on, think of me as your "Body Drama Queen." As CosmoGIRL!'s new contributing editor, I'll be answering your body and sexual health questions. No topic is off-limits for discussion, so bring them on — and remember, you are not alone!

XOXO, Nancy

I noticed that I have a small bump on the inside of my vagina. It’s not big, but it really hurts. Do I have an infection? —Cindy*, 16, Hale, MI

Bumps anywhere on your body are frightening to find — especially when they're on your genitals. A vaginal bump could be a sign of anything from an ingrown hair (especially if you shave) to genital warts or herpes, which are sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t try to self-diagnose the lump without a doctor. Make an appointment with a gynecologist or Planned Parenthood (800-230-PLAN) ASAP. You'll feel better and more in control of the situation when you know for sure.

I have an extremely hairy stomach! And the worst part is that the hair is dark, almost black. How can I get rid of it? —Chelsea, 15, Statesville, NC

Everyone has two types of body hair: a peach fuzz that lightly covers most of your entire body, and a thicker, darker hair that shows up in your armpits and on places like your tummy. Some of us suffer from stray hairs while others can grow a wall-to-wall carpet! A few swipes of a razor should eliminate your tummy fuzz if it's slight. But if there are more than a few hairs, consider waxing, using depilatories, or bleaching (Click here for more options.) Whatever you decide, do a patch test on a small area first to make sure the method won't irritate your skin. Remember: Once you start any hair removal, you have to keep maintaining it. So consider leaving your tummy as-is for now.

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