Yale University

New Haven, CT

Undergraduate enrollment: 5,303
Tuition: $33,030
Student-to-faculty ratio: 6:1
Middle 50% SAT: M: 690-790; R: 700-780; W; NR
Middle 50% ACT: 31-34
What the Princeton Review says...

"Being at a large university can seem overwhelming at time, but our residential college system allows us to form smaller, more manageable communities. Each college has its own late night snack shop, which we affectionately call the Buttery. Each buttery is open on school nights from 10 pm to 1 a.m., and they serve all kinds of subsidized snacks, from french fries to smoothies to grilled cheese. The best part of the buttery, though, is that it is constantly buzzing with people at night. After studying for a test or working on a paper, it's nice to know that I can walk downstairs for a snack and I'll find a group of friendly faces laughing over the latest episode of The Bachelor. Whenever I go hang out at my college's buttery, I feel completely at home."

"Every year, the university funds a huge event called Casino Night. The festivities occupy the common spaces and dining halls of two residential colleges (connected in the middle by an indoors passageway). One dining hall holds poker tables, roulette wheels, blackjack tables, and other casino games run by student 'dealers' dressed up to play the part. In the other dining hall, a salsa band plays live music and we all pretend we know how to dance to it. The common spaces hold refreshments and this year they added a black light hip-hop lounge. Students get dressed up, and some girls even bring their prom dresses just for this night. The whole event is a blast, and we all look forward to it every year."
- Diana, 20, junior

"Every Halloween at 11:59 p.m., Woolsey Hall is packed with students waiting for the Yale Symphony Orchestra. With music ranging from Beethoven to the Ghostbusters theme, the YSO plays the soundtrack to their self-produced silent film. It's something that must be experienced to be fully understood, and yes, come in costume."

"I think the biggest misconception is that Yale is very elitist – all the students are smart, wealthy, and subsequently snobbish. In reality, I chose Yale because of the students that I met when I visited – they were incredibly down-to-earth and totally enthusiastic about being at Yale. I'm still friends with some of my pre-freshman contacts and in turn, I've become friends with incoming freshman that I hosted or talked to when they visited."

"Dedicated to presenting music of the African Diaspora, Shades is one of the most popular acapella groups at Yale. Their "Midnight Love Affair" every Valentine's Day showcases their repertoire of love songs, often with creative dance routines to match. This concert makes a great date, or come just to enjoy the incredible music."

"One great resource is the Women's Center, which brings speakers to campus, runs hotlines for peer counseling (open to everyone, not just girls), and even provides fellowships for students who want to get involved with women's issues through political action or community service. This spring, the Women's Leadership Initiative brought Mary Robinson (former president of Ireland) and Maryann Billington (senior vice president for the Professional Development Group at Lore International Institute) to speak about the importance of developing future female leaders."

"WISAY (Women In Science At Yale) matches undergraduate students interested in research with current graduate students, so the older mentors can share their experiences and advise the younger mentees. WISAY also brings in several speakers a year to talk about things like balancing research and teaching, career and family, the advances of women in science, etc. I think a particular indication of Yale's commitment to women in science was the appointment of C. Megan Urry as the chair of the physics department, which is an inspiration to all of us."
- Jennifer, 20, junior

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