How to Get That Perfect Kiss
Professional matchmaker Amy Laurent knows a thing or two about kissing and lucky for us, she's shared her tips with us! Read below to be a better kisser instantly, plus see what products Laurent recommends for extra kissable lips!
By Colleen Moody
Kissing Style

You've snagged the hottie, had the best first date, but now comes the tricky part — the goodnight kiss! Follow these tips to make sure you have the best first kiss ever, and that more will follow this one!

Don't wear a lip gloss that is too sticky. Not only does your hair tend to get in the way when the wind blows, but pulling your hair back from across your face can leave hints of lines from the gloss on areas it doesn't belong! Also, be sure to stay away from any gloss that is too gooey since the end of the night kiss should be soft and sensual — definitely not sticky.

Don't wear a gloss with glitter. It's a bit over the top, and your date is more interested in you without it when he's leaning in for that kiss!

Always keep your breath clean and smelling fresh! Make sure to brush your teeth before leaving for your date and carry a small floss and/or travel-sized mouth wash. Avoid eating garlic, anything too spicy or fishy if you can avoid it, and always have a mint on hand for when you are done eating. Also, don't chew any gum or eat candy or mints right before the kiss! Make sure that it is gone well before that moment, and you will be guaranteed fresh and kiss-ready breath.

If your lips are dry, a quick swipe of Chapstick will do versus reapplying heavy gloss. If you don't have time to do this in between, you can still make your lips moist by running your tongue over them right before the kiss, but try not to be too obvious!

No one likes to be kissed roughly or have someone's tongue down their throat so remember: Take your time, lean in, get close, and open your mouth slightly as it touches his and let him start off with taking the lead. A sensual kiss is going off your partner's touch so just always do what feels comfortable to you and let things happen naturally! The key to a perfect kiss is to do what comes naturally and to be present with the person.

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