Dress Like Twilight's Bella
We love her for attracting every nonhuman creature within a 10-mile radius of her and now, we love her for her clothes! Take a style tip from Twilight's Bella! Then check out the rest of her cast with our Twilight interviews, and trivia.
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Bella Swan

bella, twilight, kristen stewart kristen stewart as bella swan in twilight We\'re crazy for Bella. She\'s got it all - Edward, Jacob, not to mention we\'d kill for her style. Check out the slideshow to see how you can get her look!

Sheer Simplicity

dolce vita dress, shopbop, twilight fashions dolce vita dress from shopbop Known for making a subtle statement, Bella would love this simple navy silk dress so she could be flirty, without being over the top girly. The gold buttons give it that extra detail to stand out. Dress, Dolce Vita, ShopBop.

Safety First

dolce vita dress, shopbop, twilight fashions, current elliot It\'s important for Bella to layer up in Forks. These stylish layers create an urban look while protecting her from the rainy weather — and possible fangs brought her way. Dress and Flannel, Dolce Vita; Jacket, Current/Elliot, both ShopBop.

The LBD for the Afterlife

civil smith, twilight fashions, shopbop civil smith black dress and hurley flannel shirt Bella wouldn\'t be caught dead without some plaid to her outfit, even with her little black dress. Dress, Civil Smith; Shirt, Hurley.

Cozy Up

haniiy, civil smith, twilight fashions brown wool hanii y sweater with a brown lace civil smith tank top This oversized, slouchy wool sweater is a necessity for Bella. It gets cold up in that tree on Edward\'s back! Sweater, Hanii Y; ShopBop Tank, Civil Smith.

Keeping It Casual

civil smith, twilight fashions, street wear civil smith brown pocket tank top and civil smith brown flannel shirt Bella feels most comfortable when she\'s comfy and casual. With the pocket on the tank, she can hide a picture of Edward inside, or perhaps Jacob? Flannel and Tank, Civil Smith.

Green with Envy

civil smith, twilight fashions, shopbop green civil smith flannel from shopbop Bella would die for this pleated lightweight plaid top. The girls are already jealous she caught the eye of a Cullen, they will no doubtedly be envious of this shirt too. Shirt, Civil Smith.

Street Smarts

civil smith, twilight fashions, street wear red dolce vita flannel paired with a gray civil smith hoodie It\'s important to bundle up, especially when dealing with the \"Cold Ones.\" The hoodie is perfect for Bella when she needs to hide from hungry eyes. Hoodie, Civil Smith; Flannel, Dolce Vita, ShopBop.

Ode to the \'90s

current/elliot, civil smith, twilight fashions, shopbop current/elliot jean jacket paired with civil smith gray hoodie from shopbop This jean jacket is the perfect grab when Bella\'s on the run (which is often). It\'s stretchy and not too bulky, which won\'t slow her down. Hoodie, Civil Smith; Jacket, Current/Elliot, ShopBop.

Irresistably Stylish

shopbop, twilight fashions This soft, cashmere purple V-neck would make it hard for Edward to ignore Bella\'s endless string of questions. Sweater, ShopBop, ShopBop.

Switch It Up

shopbop, civil smith, twilight fashions brown civil smith flannel paired with a cashmere purple sweater from shopbop With one quick layer, Bella can change this look from date night to school wear. Flannel, Civil Smith; Sweater, ShopBop, both ShopBop.

Six Times a Charm

multi tassel bracelets, shopbop, twilight fashions multi tasseled charm bracelets from shopbop These multi tasseled beaded bracelets have some essential charms that can come in handy for Bella. An evil eye, clover, and peace sign will hopefully keep unwanted visitors away. Bracelets, Michelle Roy.

The Staple

DL 1961 jeans, shopbop, twilight fashions dl1961 jeans from shopbop Dresses for Bella? No way! Prom was the only exception. It\'s denim all the way for her! Jeans, DL 1961.
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