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What His Texting Style Really Says About Him

June 3, 2010 at 10:00AM by Anna Hyclak |

Mixed Messages

When it comes to dating, texting can be super useful (you don't have to call him) and super annoying (why hasn't he texted back?!). Don't worry — we've got you covered. Here's your cheat sheet to what his texts really mean.

If he only ever texts things like "Hey, what's up" "that's cool" or "nm": He doesn't know if you like him or not — so he's trying to play it cool. Instead of saying "not much" when he asks, "what's up," invite him to meet you at the mall or suggest a water balloon fight at the park. He's been waiting for you to make the first move — so go for it, girl!

If you always have to text him first: This could be a bad sign. If a guy likes you, he will find a way to get in touch with you. That said, maybe he's gotten so used to you texting him that he doesn't feel the need to reach out on his own. Stop texting for a few days and see if he picks up the slack.

If he texts you constantly: You've got him hooked! Just make sure he's not consuming your entire life, Spencer Pratt-style. If you notice that he starts texting more whenever he knows you're out with your girlfriends or hanging with your family, he could be bad news. A girl needs her space!

If he doesn't text — period: Some people just don't like to text and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Use this opportunity to connect with him over the phone or in person — you know, the old-fashioned way!

If he texts other girls when you're together: This guy could be a player — or he could just have a lot of female friends. Make sure you know what he's texting before you freak out about who he's texting. We don't mean look through his phone — that's never okay! When you see him texting a girl, just casually ask, "Whatcha texting?" If he acts super shady about it, it's probably nothing good.

If he only tries to get you to "sext": He doesn't respect you — and he probably never will. Run, run, run in the opposite direction! After all, you never know what's gonna happen to those dirty pictures and messages after you press "send!"

Do you analyze your guy's texts? Have you ever broken up with someone over a texting habit? How else has social media affected your dating life?



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